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Powder Days In Maine

The First Nor'Easter of the new year brought snow and refills to Sugarloaf Mountain


Ritter Bopp Jan 6, 2018

As foretold, the first Nor'Easter of 2018 made landfall in New England Thursday morning and with it came plenty of snow and wind. For those of us at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine the combination made for some great powder days. Snow accumulated quickly Thursday, followed by harsh North winds and sub-zero temperatures that are expected to last most of the weekend before warming back up next week. The skiers and snowboarders tough enough to brave the wind and cold were rewarded with plenty of fresh turns and some deep drifts to bury themselves in. 

The snow was soft and heavy as expected, but not so deep to lose momentum as can be the case with Atlantic storms due to their high moisture content.  By the end of the day Friday one thing became certain, if your legs weren't hurting you weren't skiing hard enough. Then again, if you weren't skiing hard enough you weren't lasting very long in that cold.

Photos Jan. 5, 2018

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